Apple Watch Fanatics: How to Set Weight from Apple Watch!

Last Edited: 12 April 2024

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Hey Apple Watch Enthusiasts! 🍏🕒 Are you seeking guidance on how to update your weight on your Apple Watch? Previously, Apple allowed direct weight entry on the Apple Watch itself. However, recent updates to Apple Watch restrict your ability to update your weight, but fortunately, you can still seamlessly update your weight using compatible third-party apps. In this article, we will inform you about four apps in the health and fitness category that provide this functionality.

Why should you bother updating your weight on the Apple Watch? Whether you're on a calorie-crushing mission or just casually strolling down the fitness avenue, keeping your weight updated is your golden ticket. It's like giving your Apple Watch the secret handshake to tailor-fit your fitness experience.

Now, onto the main event – updating your weight on your Apple Watch!

  1. Vekt for iOS and watchOS: The Fast Track to Your Healthy Weight

    Description: Vekt offers a simple and lightning-fast way to manage your weight effectively. With zero clutter, achievable targets, insightful analytics, and motivational support, it's designed to keep you on track towards your healthy weight goals.

    Key Features:

    • Track weight on iPhone and Apple Watch.
    • Sync weight entries in Apple Health.
    • Enjoy a simple interface with achievable targets.
    • Insights and analytics about your progress help keep you motivated.

    To add your weight on Apple Watch:

    • Download Vekt on your iPhone
    • Locate and tap the Vekt icon on Apple Watch
    • Swipe left and then tap to select your unit
    • Swipe left and tap the weight closest to your current weight
    • Swipe left and tap within the weight area
    • Use the digital crown to adjust your weight
    • Save your entry
    • View Your History on Apple Watch or on the iPhone app
    Step 1 - Open the Vekt App Step 2 - Select a Unit Step 3 - Select Starting Weight Range Step 4 - Tap below on Apple Watch to Set Weight Step 5 - Turn the Dial Step 6 - Save Your Weight
  2. yourWeight: Weight Tracker Track Weight Loss, Gain & BMI

    Description: Formerly known as WeightWatch, yourWeight is a free and user-friendly weight tracker and BMI calculator. Whether you aim to lose, gain, or maintain weight, this app helps you monitor your progress effectively.

    Key Features:

    • Monitor weight and BMI with ease.
    • Track daily measurements and progress.
    • Support for multiple profiles.
    • Suggests ideal weight and time to reach targets.

    To add your weight:

    • Download yourWeight on your iPhone
    • On your Apple Watch, locate and tap the yourWeight icon.
    • Swipe left until you arrive at the 'Add Weight' view
    • Tap on the left and right square, then turn the digital crown to set your weight.
    • Tap 'Save' to confirm your entry.
    • View Your History by swiping right to go to the Trends screen
  3. Monitor Your Weight

    Description: Recognized for its excellence, Monitor Your Weight is an award-winning app developed to motivate individuals on diet and exercise programs. It offers comprehensive tracking tools, including statistics and graphs, to monitor progress.

    Key Features:

    • Track weight, BMI, and progress
    • Set and adjust targets based on personal plans.

    To add your weight:

    • Download Monitor Your Weight on your iPhone
    • On your Apple Watch, locate and tap the Monitor Your Weight icon.
    • Tap 'Enter Weight' on this screen
    • Tap on the + or the - button to change your weight.
    • Tap 'OK' to confirm your entry.
  4. Watch Weight: Daily Tracker

    Description: Watch Weight simplifies daily weight tracking, allowing users to record measurements effortlessly using their Apple Watch or iOS device. The app provides easy-to-understand charts and lists for viewing weight data.

    Key Features:

    • Record weight measurements using Apple Watch or iPhone.
    • View weight data in charts or lists.
    • Entries synced with Health app.
    • Ideal for routine bodyweight measurement.

    To add your weight:

    • Download Watch Weight on your iPhone
    • On your Apple Watch, locate and tap the Watch Weight icon.
    • Swipe left to go into the 'Enter Your Weight' view
    • Tap on the keypad to enter your new weight
    • Tap on the 'Done' button to save your weight

Tracking your weight offers several benefits:

Progress Tracking

Whether you're aiming to shed weight, bulk up, or trim body fat, keeping tabs on your weight helps monitor progress towards your health goals.


Tracking provides accountability, nudging you to stay committed to your fitness targets.

Health Management

For individuals managing health conditions like heart disease or diabetes, maintaining a healthy weight is vital for effective management and reducing risks.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Those making lifestyle changes can benefit from tracking weight, allowing them to observe how their body responds to diet and exercise tweaks.


Ready to supercharge your fitness journey? Update your weight on your Apple Watch, dive into Apple Health, and take control of your fitness experience. It's not just about tech-savvy solutions; it's about empowering yourself on the path to a healthier, fitter you. Let's go, time to update!